Monday, January 14, 2008

Ah Beng In School

Ah Beng in School

One day in a language school in Australia.
Teacher : "All right, now I'd like you to make a sentence using the words
GREEN, PINK and YELLOW. Who'd like to try?"
A student raised his hand. It was Kukoya from Japan. Kukoya : "Early this
morning, I looked out the window, I saw the GREEN grass and PINK roses in
the garden. I went outside and I feel the warm YELLOW sunlight around me"
Teacher : "Not bad. Okay, who's next?"

Another student raised his hand. It was Ah Beng from Singapore.
Ah Beng : "I try! I try. Can aaah?"
Teacher : "No, no, not you"
Ah Beng : "Aaaiiyaaa... let me try lah... I can do lah... you think I'm
stupid meeh..?"
Teacher : "Okay.. go ahead"
Ah Beng : "This morning I heard the phone GREEEEEN... GREEEEEN... I PINK
and I said YELOOOOW?"
Teacher : ??